The Stetson Roscoe

I came across this Best Made Stetson Roscoe hat last year. It’s a beautiful nod to the legendary Dette Fly Shoppe, featuring a pattern by the legendary tyer Carrie G. Stevens, on a hat from Stetson, the legendary hat brand. That’s a lot of legendary.

I don’t think I could pull it off but I’m pretty sure trout just swim into your hand, when you wear it. More about it from Best Made’s site:

“The legendary Dette Fly Shoppe in Roscoe, NY, is celebrating its 90th anniversary, and we’re marking the occasion with our honorary Best Made Stetson Roscoe.

This American-made beauty is ornamented with a raw-edge leather hatband and a Dette “Golden Witch” fly, the devastating trout streamer that is as handsome as it is effective.

The classic molded fedora lines of our Stetson Roscoe provide an ample brim that wards off glinting sunlight and the spray of the river with a sensible style as timeless as the pursuit of fish. Built from a rugged, 5X-quality fur felt blend and finished with a leather sweatband, and a silk lining, the quiet charisma of our Stetson Roscoe stands out among the other anglers on the Beaverkill.”

Via Best Made

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