Rosenbauer response

Back in January, I shot an email to Tom Rosenbauer’s Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast about getting Tom’s thoughts on click / pawl reels. While driving, I heard him read and respond my question in the January 18th episode!

Here’s the clip:


“I use click / pawl reels all the time.”

– Tom Rosenbauer

Tom’s podcast has been part of my early morning river ritual since I started fly fishing back in 2009. I’ll often fire up / re-listen to old episodes where the topic matches the outing.

I highly recommend browsing the 10+ years of podcast archives — it’s like an audio encyclopedia for all things fly fishing.

Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do, Tom! We’ll listen for the singing CFO next time you’re in Colorado!

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  • Check out the Orvis Battenkill for a classic, inexpensive click / pawl reel. We’ll have a post about this one soon.