Garden Fish Sculptures

Daydreaming about fly fishing just got easier. Read more

The Ross Colorado LT

A new school design with old school roots. Read more

The Orvis Battenkill

Simplicity doesn’t have to break the bank. Read more

Abel x Ball and Buck

Quality-obsessed brands collaborate on a tank. Read more

The Hardy Duchess

A modern classic that’s all Alnwick. Read more

The One Feather Fly

A simple perspective and pattern to consider. Read more

Timber & Fins Fly Box

A hand-made fly box made for the analog angler. Read more

The Blue Halo Storm

A Blue Halo + Speyco collab that “purrs”. Read more

Decade Reels

A song for definitive soundtrack to fly fishing. Read more

The Douglas Argus

The NY-made fly reel I’ll pass down to my daughters. Read more

Rosenbauer response

Tom’s quick take on fly fishing with click / pawl reels. Read more

The IR Series Reel

A simple, classic reel made in Canada. Read more

The Stetson Roscoe

Best Made’s Stetson hat in honor of Dette Fly Shoppe. Read more

Hanging On

A song that’s been taking us to the river since 2012. Read more